Les Gites du Petit Patre

To eliminate the lorrain dough!


Horse riding, water activity,

hiking… Make your choice!

Or try everything, after all!

Come take the air passing a moment at the equestrian center of Loisey: on the spot. Browse paths meusiens to the rhythm of the steps of a horse or a pony.

For those who don't like hiking on foot or bike, this is the solution!


On 5000 acres of forest, along the 45 km of trails signposted and freely accessible, go on an adventure to encounter works of art in the landscape (a hundred), designed with artists to listen to the forest context and in direct relation with the actors of the territory.


  • Walking and hiking:

Come enjoy the meusien landscape and take a breath of fresh air nature stroll on various trails. On foot, horseback or bike, you won't be spoilt for choice for enjoying nature stay.

Circuits CDT Meuse: Hikes and walks


Come be a part of mini Golf in Bar-le-Duc.


  • Karting

Come pick up speed and test your ability to pilot on both circuits present in the Meuse:

SKLC Chaumont-on-area 55

-Karting 55 in Verdun

-Located at the foot of the coast in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of Lorraine and Meuse, Madine Lake is a beautiful stretch of water of 1100 ha, 250 ha of forests and 42 km of shores.

-Come and practice sailing or windsurfing on one of the largest lakes in France.

-On the green, free, school, school education… practice your favorite discipline without stress, the green is for you!

-Experience nature to the rhythm of the horses. In good rider spare your mount to fully enjoy the scenery that awaits you.

-The Lake will always manage to surprise fishermen.

-As soon as the first rays of Sun out sunscreen, relax to the menu swimming, picnic by the water… Heudicourt and Nonsard beaches.

-For your walks, a 20 km circuit was laid out around the Lake.

-During the summer of music, sports events… take place at Madine.

Control of the Marne, the Lake of Der structure is one of the largest artificial lakes in Europe: 4800 hectares of water and 77 km of shores. It is a real inner in a landscape of forests and farmland, covered sea trails and routes of discoveries:

  •    250 km of marked paths
  •    85 km of bike routes
  •    Water fun, sports, museums, tasting, animations,… everything is possible!

-200 bird species invest each year in the waters of the Lake of Der. Used or passing, these birds can be observed in summer and winter by birding enthusiasts. The emblematic species of the Lake remains the common crane. Every fall, they are thousands to migrate to the lands of the South, and take possession of the Lake of Der for a few days.

  • Want to share a moment of relaxation on the water with family or friends?

The Department of the Meuse has many courses of 1st and 2nd category water. Private ponds can also welcome you.


  • Come unwind with a game of Paintball!

Two structures are at your disposal to make you discover and practice paintball safely:

Lorraine Paintball A.L.S.G to Lerouville

Paintball Verdunois-Belrupt Temple


  • Caving to Rigault-Lisle:

The karst relief of Barrois forests are a unique site in Lorraine for the initiation and the practice of caving.

Go to the discovery of these secret abysses with Lorraine House of caving.

Evres-Argonne, go to the discovery of the campaign argonnaise in the company of one or more donkeys on a half-day. The association offers, at the same time, cultural events by exposing each month from March to September of local, national and international artists.


The bowling of Fains-Veel opens its doors for moments of relaxation with family or friends. You will play in a spectacular music video with 12 tracks on giant screens at the bottom of slopes. You can also play a game of pool or air hockey and enjoy traditional games and video games in any kind.


In order to discover rivers meusiens friendly and playful way, the basics of canoe-kayak rental are at your disposal for your walks and hikes in canoe-kayak on the Marne, the Ornain and the Meuse. During the summer come down the Saulx in canoe. Here no competition or insurmountable passages, just a water ride quiet!


The club has 4 ULM available to licensed pilots, he offers baptisms of air and the possibility to learn to fly with a graduate instructor.



Your adventure with the Adventure Park in trees with many workshops, monkey bridge, gateways log, swings, nets, Stirrups, snowboard giant and 500 m of zip lines. A barefoot and sensory journey, it stings, it's soft, tickles, it's cold, it's rough… And a super bubble, huge inflatable bubble in which we cling, and it rushes down slopes, guaranteed thrills!


Discover the world of Nigloland!

With family or friends, enjoy a moment of relaxation or thrills in an amusement park with various rides and activities that will delight all.  (At about 1:30)



Go on an adventure in the forest of Hague. Program: acrobatic course for children and adults from 4 to 75 years. One of the biggest Park in Europe with more than 300 games and workshops. Jump Tarzan, monkey, net stretched, tightrope walkers, footbridges, Tyrolean bridge…