Les Gites du Petit Patre

Handicap accessibility

The campaign is for everyone!

Our cottages are designed so that people with reduced mobility or with other disabilities can live there without difficulty. Facilities rooms (bathroom, WC) of course, but the entire arrangement of the cottage is calculated so that one or more Chair can move without discomfort. All the storage are brought to hand, even sitting. A medical bed, for people whose health requires it, will be made available. (request when booking)

What can I do with reduced mobility?

List of activities to do.

Leisure and sports activities:

Cultural visits

Additional information:

For people who have health that may require surgery, a hospital is located 15 minutes from our cottages
For lesser emergencies, you can find Tronville Longeville or Bar the Duke of medical practices, a pharmacy…

Taxi service is also available for travel in the Department

The region is accessible by train, TGV, with shuttles…

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