Les Gites du Petit Patre

"MOM so what?"

You may be afraid that your children get bored during your vacation in the SMHB cottages! Rest assured, here are some activities that can be done with your children.



Child track set to Bar the Duke
  • Discover the city of Bar-le-Duc through play Firmin grapes on sale at the Tourist Office and the city of Ligny-Barrois with his game the Hedgehog Philemon.

Take a walk with your children on the banks of the canal of the Marne to the Rhine but also very many parks to visit:

  • At Bar-le-Duc:

The Park of the city of Bar-le-Duc Hotel where there are games for children, the gardens of the Barrois, Park Marbeaumont Museum.

  • At Ligny-Barrois

The Park of the Luxembourg at Ligny-Barrois.

  • At Haironville

Visit the Park of the castle of the Varenne

  • A city-on-Saulx

Visit the Park of Gilles of Trier

In the Easter holiday, for example, come looking for the bayonet lost on the battlefields of Verdun with MOP the frog!

Based on puzzles and adapted to the battlefield of Verdun, this game comes in the form of a 28-page booklet for children of the different steps. MOP the frog will accompany you on a life-sized way recreational and educational playing field, on a 13 km course to do by car or bicycle for the bravest.

Castle of Thillombois in Meuse

Thillombois Castle:

Easter, go for a day to hunt for eggs in family.

Late November, discover an iconic character of Lorraine: Saint-Nicolas. A program is dedicated to children: spectacle of theatre and dance, animation "Book of stories", recreational workshops… And of course St. Nicholas will offer treats to children and will take a picture with them.

The old trades in Azannes
  • In may, in Azannes, come visit the streets of the village of old trades freely and discover artisans eager to pass on their know-how: lacemaker, wheelwrights, bakers…

It is a living recreation of 80 jobs in the 19th century led by 400 volunteers in costumes Lorraine.

Lake Der
  • During the summer, enjoy the Lake of Der family!

-Enjoy a tourist train ride or a cruise on the Lake to discover and enjoy the miles and a facet of the Der.

-All kinds of outdoor activities are planned for your children, the quieter the more acrobatic, your children and teens will not have time to get bored.


-The mini golf to the rope course through the ride in pony, mini-park or the many playgrounds, enjoy family activities in the Lake. They will be a perfect break between sightseeing and relaxing on the beach!

Museum of Nativity scenes to Muzeray in Meuse

Different themes are developed in a magical and enchanting décor.

Popular imagery from the four corners of the world.

  • Tin, enter into the magical world of the Petitcollin dolls!

Last French swimmers, dolls and infants still made in activity, Petitcollin invites you to the trip. Dive into the heart of the history of this iconic company and go to the discovery of its century-old manufacturing secrets. That dream will never stop…